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At Rutland K9 Training


We aim to help you train a well socialized dog and add a bit extra to your training.

We only use reward based training with motivation, incentives and praise being high on our list.

We will show you different techniques for achieving the same thing as not all dogs are the same.

We ask you to come with an open mind, a happy disposition, plenty of really tasty treats for your dog, so we can work on a happy dog!


We are now a Kennel Club Listed Club

As of September 2014 we will be offering the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests

Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold



  • Puppy class roll on roll off, attend as you wish and move on to more structured training
  • Companion dog training for young dogs, older dogs and rescue dogs
  • Good Citizen training and tests

Services we provide.

  • Puppy classes roll on roll off sessions, approx one hour, chance to ask questions
    • advice for prospective puppy / rescue dog owners
    • interactive puppy play
    • basic introduction to training
    • advice on problems encountered
    • plenty of hand outs
    • lending library of books to take away and read
  • Companion  Dog training
    • the next level, teaching basic obedience
    • introduction to coping with everyday situations
  • Companion Dog Extra and beyond
    • higher level obedience
    • ing everyday situations into practice 
    • chance to work towards the Good Citizen tests
    • introduction to groundwork in preparation to do agility
    • games and tricks
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen tests
  •  Special courses
    •  training your puppy, separation anxiety problems, bonding with your puppy pink 1
    • introduction to clicker training 
    • tricks and games
    • loose lead walking
    • how to motivate your dog
    • training children and their dog
  • Information and products available
    • printed handouts
    • books to hire
    • books to buy
    • training aids to buy
Puppy class

Puppy Class, inside at Edith Weston Village Hall Wednesday 8 - 9pm.   Anyone is welcome, no set course but if possible please could you let us know, 07789960602.

£5 with a dog, £2 without a dog.

For more information please see Classes page

post puppy class

Classes,  for puppies that have completed puppy class.

To book your space please call 07789960602.

£5 per dog.

Companion Dog Training

Introduction class.  For young dogs and puppies having comleted the puppy class. 7-8 pm Edith Weston village hall Wednesday. And moving on class for dogs with some previous training

£5 per dog.

To book your space please call 07789960602

Kennel Club Good Citizen Training

To be advised, Edith Weston Village Hall. 7.00-8.00 Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes. 

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